Man Live Tweets Stepsons Attempt to Sneak Girl Out of House

This is a very entertaining ride. A father notices his stepson had a girl stay the night. It is something he is ok with but not something the mother is ok with.

He decides to live tweet the son attempting to smuggle the girlfriend out of the house with out mom seeing and its amazing.

Sometimes young boys are blinded by love and don’t think ahead. It sounds amazing to have your crush come over and sleep in the same bed as you so you just go for it.

You don’t really care or even think about the next day and how you will approach it. It seems like that’s what happened to this kid. He got the girl over but didn’t really think about the process.

So here we go!

As he is giving updates on the boy he is also giving side notes on what the wife is doing. Now this is a judgement free zone but I couldn’t help but notice a possible bushy armpit siting on his wife.

Maybe it’s just an illusion and I don’t know how it would play into the story but still suspect.

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