Dudes Goes Insane on Dead Teen’s Memorial Post Saying “It’s Easy to Text & Drive”

It is very dumb to text and drive. This super cool dude replied to a Facebook post in which two teens were killed after one was texting while driving. This particular person is not happy with the fact that people can be fined for texting while driving. After reading it’s very evident that this person is pretty pathetic. One for posting it in general and for also thinking its ok to post it on a persons memorial post of their recently deceased teenager who died while texting and driving.

Wow I didn’t realize how many imbeciles are following this post, if you think this is fair then you are a fucking scumbag. This is extortion at it’s finest, $850 is complete bullshit and every person who supports this is an asshole. Texting while driving is not the problem, the problem is people who can’t multitask. If you can’t multitask then you have no business texting and driving, you will cause an accident but the act itself is perfectly safe, I’ve been texting and driving since before I ever had a license and I’ve never once come anywhere close to crashing my car because of a text. If you can’t multitask enough to be able to txt and drive then you shouldn’t be allowed on the road because apparently you don’t have the skills to operate a motor vehicle properly. I’m sure these are the same retards who stop at yield signs when no-one is coming and drive the exact speed limit without going a mile over. Get the fuck off the road

Basically don’t listen to anything this moron says.