Dude Makes Terrible Attempt At Justifying Child Porn On His Computer

Why are 3 people liking this guys comment!? Get out of here with that.

This guy got into one of the dumbest conversations I have ever seen on the internet and I have seen a lot of morons. He admits to a crime and his defence is somehow worse.

Someone pointed out this is like someone saying “I was a murderer once. But it was just a phase.”

The text was posted on the Trashy section of Reddit (yes That really is a place)

It is a great place to look at some amazing content. The people there were lighting this dude up with comments like:

I’ll take “shit you shouldn’t admit to on the Internet” for 5-7, Alex.

I’ll take “Shit you should report to the feds about asap” for 500, Alex.

Someone needs to track this dude down and get his hard drive.

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Written by Colby

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