Disgusting Child Predator Put on Blasts After Sending Explicit Messages to 12 Year Old Girl

There is no stopping these predators these days. They can even be people you know. For example, this is a family friend. 23 years old saying some disturbing stuff to his friend’s little sister.

We have seen people catch these guys at malls, fairs, and even on the streets. It still doesn’t seem like enough.

Someone who talks like this has done it before and will do it again.

We need to find a way to put a chip in these dudes that make all wifi signals jam. Like house arrest but from all mobile devices.

Because like I said, they get caught one, most likely they have done it before or will do it all again.

Her brother went to Facebook to Expose this freak. He wrote: So I’m just gonna expose this goof that was msging my 12 year old sister and trying to sleep with her and admitted to being a pig Justin Chartrandi hope everyone sees this it makes me sick!

And tagged him with all these pics:

I know you could be thinking this is just texts with no connection to this dude. Well… He went on Facebook after text using his public profile:

Written by Colby

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