Disgusted Uber Eats Customer Finds Pair of DIRTY UNDERWEAR in Food

A man who just wanted to order some Japanese food was in for a stinky surprise when he discovered a pair of dirty underwear mixed in with his food.

Leo was in town for Miami’s Art Basel fair and decided to order food on Uber Eats from a nearby Japanese restaurant.

When the food had arrived, Leo claimed that the delivery driver was acting strangely.

‘I grabbed the food and right when I got the food she took off running,’ Leo said. Pretty strange right?

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Leo didn’t think too much of it until he went back to his hotel room and opened the bag of food. He was shocked and disgusted to find a pair of soiled underpants right next to his order of shrimp fried rice and dumplings.

‘Who thinks that you’re gonna get delivered somebody’s dirty underwear?’ Leo said. ‘Disgusting, unhealthful – it’s potentially deadly.’

The stinky find has been reported to Uber as well as the restaurant.

Uber has given Leo a full refund on the order and they told him that the incident was ‘very concerning’.

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