Dentist Reveals Before & After of Not Brushing Teeth for 20 Years

That’s gonna be a no for me dawg. My mom always told me to brush me teeth twice a day and I never believed in her until now. This makes me want to immediately brush my teeth 17 times in a row.

According to the dentists YouTube video he says:

The most extensive calculus removal we have ever performed at our office. Most of us brush our teeth every day (or at least claim to) but this man has a rare case of dental phobia where not only is he afraid to visit the dentist, but also he is afraid to brush his own teeth. 

Joseph Nemeth/YouTube

If you don’t brush your teeth for an extended period of time, calculus or tartar begins to accumulate around the teeth leading to cavities, gingivitis, and even gum disease. This is by far the most calculus we have ever seen at our office. The build up was so thick that it was actually masking the underlying decay.

Tartar is a cement like material that builds up around the teeth at an increased rate if you do not brush or clean your teeth frequently. This material can also make it difficult to clean and remove the calculus between the teeth and make your breath smell quite a bit as well. 

Joseph Nemeth/YouTube

We are so happy that we could help this man end years of pain and discomfort by giving him a deep cleaning with scaling and root planing. He now leads a much better and healthier lifestyle with his newly cleaned teeth. Talk about a fresh start!

As someone who is very sensitive to things that have to do with my teeth this is just hard to look at. I am glad that the can now live comfortably.

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