David Spade Absolutely Destroys Cash Me Outside Girl With Brutal Instagram Caption

David Spade, (Yes, JOE DIRT!) just went full-savage on the Cash Me Out Side girl. He got to say what all of you have wanted to for the past few months. The difference between you and I talked shit about her VS when David Spade does it is the following. That picture went out to millions and all of the entertainment sites are reporting on it. Some sites are calling him a bully for taking advantage of a 14-year-old. Others say it was just a joke.I think it was fucking awesome! But it pissed Danielle off enough to fire back. First here is David’s first post. Now to be completely honest she did have a pretty good zinger back but I am pretty sure she is managed by a team of window suckers now and they came up with it as a team. I am almost curious on whose idea it was to take a picture together. Davids or the girls? I am guessing it was Mr. Spades.

I zoomed in on the caption which is the true slam dunk of the post:

He was getting so much backlash he even threw it up on his Twitter just to stir the pot some more.

That is when Cash decided she had seen enough. She is hood right? You can let someone wreck your name… You gotta swing back.

UPDATE: So apparently Miss Cash Me Outside is rich as fuck. According to TMZ: Apparently, the teenager is asking for a minimum of $30,000 for meet and greets in the US and $40,000 if she has to leave the country, TMZ reports. Danielle is allegedly appearing at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May, where she’s expected to make even more than $40,000. WHAT’S NEW! the trash in America keeps getting rich and popular for stupid/no reason at all such as Kim K. At least Kim K has almost no reason for fame besides her sex tape but this Cash girl is literally famous for being a POS. Not really sure why that attracts the kids to be entertained by her but that is pretty pathetic. Almost as pathetic as us sitting here writing a long article about an Instagram post about here.

UPDATE 2: Great… now she is suing gaming companies for millions! According to ABC11 a company representing a Boynton Beach teenager known for saying “Cash me outside, how bow dah?” to a “Dr. Phil” studio audience is now suing three gaming companies for using her phrase and voice.

WSOC reports, Danielle Bregoli, 14, her mother Barbara Ann Bregoli, and their company, Dani B Holdings LLC, filed a trademark lawsuit Thursday against companies and two individuals who worked to develop and published two mobile applications under Anonymous Games Inc. called “Cash Me Outside” and “How Bout Dat,” according to the complaint.

The suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in South Florida, seeks at least $1 million in damages, asserting that the Bregoli women are entitled to an award of all gross revenue received directly or indirectly from the game.

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