Couple Deliver The All Time Greatest Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding, a walk in a forest, and a cheeky BJ captured on camera. A good bloody NSFW day! You’re wedding day after all is supposed to be the most special day of your life, and a photographer is there to capture it. Immortalizing moments in time so that you can look back on for years to come with your partner, friends and family. Well if it were me, a bj in a forest would be a moment that is worth immortalizing, but probably one that would live in a private folder!

I’ve heard of people getting creative and wacky with wedding photos. Taking them under water, jumping out of planes and in all manner of weird places and settings. But this really takes the cake.

Photo Source/Credit: Google and Third party image reference.

Back in 2017 Michel Klooster, a photographer snapped this happy couple on their special day, fully aware it was on the cheeky side. I mean lets be honest we’d do this for a laugh but it’s probably not one of the selections that goes out to your family as a pressie. Poor Nana would have a heart attack.

Maybe Michel knew, or maybe he didn’t that this particular blend of genre (wedding/porn) is just the ammunition to deliver a viral hit and take the internet by storm.

Photo Source/Credit: Google and Third party image reference.

It’s a great shot, and if you check out his other work you can tell the blokes got skills! But still this type of image is always going to draw criticism. So much so that it had to be pointed out that is in fact not the actual act of fellatio. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Watermarking this was also a ‘stroke’ of genius for Michel. As soon as this hit the internet waves he would have booked up a few years of work then and there I reckon. And the company behind the logo/watermark Photologo did not miss a beat. Interviewing Michel in a cool little doco piece.

Special mention has to go to the Groom’s choice of flashy colourful underwear! I’ve heard of ‘happy’ socks for weddings, but ‘happy’ jocks are a new one.

Photo Source/Credit: Google and Third party image reference.

Props to everyone involved we say. A cheeky shot for a day and industry that can be taken overly seriously most of the time. Shows a sense of humour, and obviously gave old mate Michel a decent career and profile boost. Well played good chap.

Credit: Michel Klooster

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