Complete Strangers Create Earth Sandwich In New Viral Craze

This new viral trope is nice enough to eat.

Austin Stenson and his new friend – and former unknown – Harisson Corboy, have really been being attentive in assembly, and have currently got the full world in their hands…Or rather between 2 slices of bread.

The teens, who’ve ne’er met before and survive opposite sides of the planet, were ready to triumph a daring culinary treat of world cuisine through the ability of social media on january 9, 2019.

Stenson has a cool 112,000 followers on Instagram that he well leveraged to urge that bread, once seeing the ‘Earth Sandwich’ meme elsewhere on-line.

So he discharged a fast morning shout-out from his home in Atlanta – the sprawling urban metropolis capital of the US state of Georgia – to his fans on the opposite aspect of the planet for a help.

It was picked up in Seymour, Victoria, Australia – a historic railway city nestled into the Goulburn valley 104 kilometres north of Melbourne – by a young native resident by the name of Harisson.

Austin explained it absolutely was fully ‘random’, adding:

“I have this meme page on Instagram and that i said i need to create an Earth Sandwich with one among my followers. Harrison messaged me. it absolutely was simply a random follower of mine.”

Harisson slid into his DM’s and it absolutely was go time. As Austin puts it, ‘The rest is history.’

The plan was simple: Place 2 slices of bread on the ground, topping and tailing the complete planet, to create an Earth Sandwich.

After a fast debrief via messages pinged back and forth between the distant wannabee deli staff, they executed the snack utterly and therefore the results were posted to Twitter.

With over 100,000 likes and over 30,000 retweets (at the time of writing), the planet Sandwich has tested well-liked.

In fact, it’s the foremost well-liked meme Austin has ever created and shared, he confirms.

Commenting on the viral success of his work, Austin mused:

“The positive output the tweet has had makes it even higher. individuals like it as a result of it’s wholesome and positive. individuals love seeing wholesome stuff particularly in today’s age.”

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