California Man Caught on Camera Licking Doorbell for 3 Straight Hours

SALINAS, Calif. (KOIN) – A man was caught on surveillance camera licking a doorbell for three hours, police said.  

The family called police when they found the footage on their video. They were out of town, but their children were at home.

They didn’t wake up to any noise, but the family’s surveillance system alerted them to movement at the front door.

Not only did the man lick the doorbell, but police said they caught him relieving himself in the front yard. 

Police identified the man as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33. He is wanted by police and could face two misdemeanor charges for petty theft and prowling.

Credit: CA County Jail


You know the kind of commitment it takes to do something like this? Pure talent an persistence!

If you are not familiar with the YouTuber MrBeast well then you should be.

He prides himself on making videos of himself doing daunting tasks such as repeating words 100 thousands times and other various videos.

I personally do not believe he could pull something like this off. Especially for 3 hours being completely undetected besides the Ring camera.

Can a man get a little respect for being able to lick so gently and delicately that for 3 hours straight he doesn’t put enough pressure to accidentally sound the door.

Lots of people are wondering why he didn’t cover up his face but nowadays it is not about talented people getting famous.

I am calling it now that 3 months today he will have 500K followers on Instagram and people will being slobbering all over his knob like he is some amazing entertainer.

Credit: Instagram/Damnwideneck

If you think the above statement sounds ridiculous do you remember the wide neck guy?

He went viral with a mugshot for having an abnormally wide neck… in a mug shot.

He recently just surpassed 1 million followers on Instagram. He literally has no talent at all but just has a wide neck and HAS 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS. Let that sink in.

Yes he is a creep to the max but give credit where credit is due 🙂

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