BBC Accidentally Shows Girl Taking Bra Off on Live TV

I know what BBC was doing here… They need that ratings bump. You know the best way to get ratings? BOOBS!

BBC live seemingly showed nudity on air on Tuesday night.

Presenter Sophie Raworth was introducing a story about England’s victory over South Africa in the cricket, when eagle-eyed viewers spotted something they shouldn’t have in the background.

A woman with her top off was seen on a computer screen at the back of the shot being watched by someone in the office during the live broadcast

The BBC said last night that it was investigating the incident, but an insider told The Sun that went down ‘like a lead balloon’.

They added: “It is totally unprofessional. It beggars belief a sex scene should be played live on air.”

Here is the Nudes at Ten: BBC worker spotted watching a VERY inappropriate video on office computer over presenter Sophie Raworth’s shoulder

Written by Colby

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