47-Year-Old Teacher Professes Her Love To A 13-Year-Old Student with Wild Messages

Andrea Jimenex is a 47-year-old science teacher who recently professed her love to a student. According to WREG, the teacher has been arr*sted after repeatedly messaging the minor through social media. According to reports, Jimenez would regularly contact the victim and even attempted to kiss him when he was only 12-years-old. Jimenez also lured the […]


Florida Man Avoids Jail Time Because He’s ‘Too Large’

George Jolicoeur, a 600-pound Florida man, was arrested after scamming several major restaurants.  He was offered a plea deal when prosecutors discovered that it was too expensive to incarcerate him. Jolicoeur began scamming restaurants in 2007; ordering food and then complaining about the quality. Jolicoeur refused to pay after eating, citing the ‘poor quality’ of the […]


Teen Stunned When Doctors Re-position Her Stomach Revealing 37 Week Old Baby Bump

Looking at this picture of 18-year-old Saffron Heffer, you would never believe that she was actually six months pregnant. A tiny 18-year-old teenager with a flat stomach was stunned when doctors told her she was almost nine months pregnant. They produced a giant bump by simply re-positioning her baby. Although she was missing her periods […]