Artist WHO Created Momo Doll Has Destroyed It.

The creative person WHO created the disreputable ‘Momo doll’, that found fame when its likeness was used as a part of a supposed twisted web ‘game’, has aforementioned he’s currently destroyed the sculpture.

43-year-old sculptor Keisuke Aiso aforementioned he felt ‘responsible’ once the image of it had been allegedly wont to scare individuals into participating within the supposed ‘Momo Challenge’, however currently says individuals ought to rest assured Momo is dead.

The original work was known as Mother Bird, created in 2016, ANd was displayed in an alternate gallery in Tokyo throughout an exhibition concerning ghost stories. it had been only if footage of the sculpture emerged on-line that it became related to the viral ‘Momo game’.

Speaking to The Sun, Keisuke explained how he’d thrown away the sculpture, made up of rubber and natural oils, last autumn:
It doesn’t exist any longer, it had been never meant to last. it absolutely was rotten and i threw it away.

The children will be confident Momo is dead – she doesn’t exist and therefore the curse is gone.

The creative person says he’s upset the strange creation may have brought pain and damage to kids.

He continued:
I have mixed feels concerning the people that have done this. On one hand they have caused ME nothing but trouble, however on the opposite hand as AN creative person I actually have a bit sense of appreciation that my art piece has been seen across the planet. i assume I actually have to be grateful in this sense.

I created this design 3 years past and at the time once it had been exhibited at the gallery it failed to receive a lot of attention, thus at the time i used to be terribly defeated.

So once Momo initial appeared, it had been smart during a approach that it had received some attention. i used to be happy. however the manner that it’s been used now’s terribly unfortunate.

People don’t understand if it’s true or not however apparently the kids are affected and that i do feel a bit liable for it. I feel like i’m in hassle however it’s all out of my hands.

The creative person aforesaid the inspiration behind the doll was AN previous Japanese ghost story, during which a lady WHO died in childbearing returns as a bird to haunt the realm wherever she died.

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