Ailing Mans Reaction to Finding Out He’s Getting New Lungs is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

God d*mn it Kevin! Its Friday and I am all ready to go out on my Christmas vacation and you hit me with a heart pounder like this.

In the video posted on Barstool Sports Facebook page it shows a younger man getting news that he is finally getting new lungs.

Kevin makes a point to mention how is he getting new lungs when he was so far down on the list.

Michael D’Agostino/Facebook

According to News Center Maine:

Kevin D’Agostino, who has cystic fibrosis, is seen in the video from 3 a.m. being told by family he would be getting a double lung transplant later that morning.

“No way, no way,” Kevin continuously repeats in emotional disbelief.

“Stop it … Mom, I thought I was really low on the list?”

Kevin’s family is seen hugging him, in tears as they share the incredible news.

Michael D’Agostiono, Kevin’s brother, shared the video on Instagram and Facebook on Dec. 6, thanking both the doctors at Loyola Medicine and the generous donors.

By Thursday, his posts had 14,000 interactions and counting.

Michael D’Agostino/Facebook

“Thank you to Dr. Ali and his team at Loyola for their hard work during the 8-hour surgery,” Michael wrote.

“We also want to keep in mind the donor’s family, we appreciate their gift and are thinking of them during their time of mourning … We are so thankful and happy for Kevin and grateful to the selfless generosity of the donor family.”

An additional photo shared by Michael shows Kevin with his hands up in celebration.

“We saw Kevin early this morning and he looks great,” Michael wrote.

“They said the surgery went well, and we are excited for [Kevin’s] recovery.”

Michael D’Agostino/Facebook

Two days later, Michael shared a video of Kevin walking in the hospital post-surgery with the guidance of a walker.

“Kevin has already been cruising around the nurses station 1 day after a double lung transplant … almost unheard of,” he wrote.

“All signs point to a smooth recovery.”

Get your tissue ready cause this is a tough one. Took me about 6 seconds to hit the pause button and fight back the gushers.

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