700lb Man Says He Will Eat & Game Until He D*es on TLC’s New Show

A morbidly obese man who weighs 707lbs has revealed he spends his day gorging on junk food and playing video games nak*d, admitting that he will likely eat himself to de*th.

Casey King, 34, is sharing his story on the new season of the TLC reality series Family by the Ton, which follows families who are in a dire need to lose weight.

On Wednesday night’s premiere, he revealed he is unemployed and living with his father, Danny, who has to wait on him hand and foot.

‘I will just eat till I’m d*ad,’ he told the camera. ‘A normal day for me is to wake up around 12, figure out something I am going to eat immediately, [and then] TV, video games, bed. It’s not a lot of activity.’

Credit: TLC’s Family by the Ton

‘I never would’ve thought at 34 I’d be living with my father, and I’d have no job, have no real money, and just be playing video games all day and eating,’ he said.

According to Casey, he had always been a ‘big kid,’ and he weighed about 300lbs at the end of high school. After graduation, he started working at a couple of restaurants and would frequently eat at them.

‘I was probably around 500lbs then, and it was just getting too difficult to work, so I quit my job,’ he recalled. ‘My mom said to live in this house, you have to have a job, so she kicked me out. The only place I had left to go was my father’s, so I went there.’

Casey’s weight only continued to spiral out of control when he moved in with his dad, who indulged him by getting him his favorite foods.

‘Basically, his one thing that he knew made me happy as food, so we just ate like kings, but, like, in the worst way — pizzas, chicken, Japanese food, takeout,’ he said.

Credit: TLC’s Family by the Ton

‘I mean, me and my dad would get hibachi delivered, sushi by the barrel. I mean, just anything you wanted to eat, we were getting.’

Casey admitted that he has gotten stuck in the shower a couple of times. One time he was left sitting there for about nine hours, and he couldn’t ask his father to get him up.

After telling his dad that he was afraid of getting stuck again, Danny bought him a large metal trough, which he placed on their back deck.

‘I bathe outside in this trough, currently, because I cannot physically bathe in a sit-down bathtub or a stand-up shower area,’ Casey explained.

‘Because I am a bigger guy with, like, folds and flaps, I have to move around, almost like a pig in a way, and wallow and roll over to get the back of my leg.

Credit: TLC’s Family by the Ton
Credit: TLC’s Family by the Ton

‘I have to lift up literal pieces of skin. It’s just a super difficult process.’

Although Casey and his father were close, Danny admitted that taking care of his adult son could be frustrating for him.

‘It gets old, and I get tired of it. He should be more active, but he’s not. He’s just there,’ he told the camera.

‘I wait on him hand and foot, and I shouldn’t do it, but I do. I love him to death. He’s my son and I feel obligated to wait on him.’

Casey said he understands why there is ‘a lot of negativity’ between them as of late.

Credit: TLC’s Family by the Ton
Credit: TLC’s Family by the Ton

‘I am at a size to where I need him to help me do things that just no parent wants to be doing when you are in your 30s,’ he said.

‘I need his help a little bit to clean myself, you know, wiping just my a** because, I mean, I can’t reach everything on my back and I can’t reach everything below me. So, you know, its whatever.’

Credit: TLC’s Family by the Ton

The second season of Family by the Ton also features Casey’s cousins Amanda Johnson and Ed and Amy Long, who facing similar life-or-de*th struggles with obesity.

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