51 Year Old Man Locked Up After Striking Teen Girl with Left Hook

Now you have probably seen this headline all over the internet now of a 51 year old man hitting a 12 year old girl with a hay-maker.

Headlines are saying white man hits black girl when race had zero relevance to this situation.

A man was actually attempting to break up an altercation between two groups and while in the middle of it a few of the teens turned on him.

Obviously what he did was not the way to handle the situation at all and for someone like myself who typically will say someone deserved it in certain situations I will not say that for this particular one.

You are a 50 something year old dude. He could have easily ended her life with that punch and he was not in any immediate danger.

He did get pushed a few times but that doesn’t give a free pass to hit someone that young with an absolute hay-maker.

David Steven Bell (Photo: Asheville Police Department)

All victims refused transport to the hospital. The incident is under further investigation.”

Here is the video:

Here are some opinions from others on the situation:

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